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Quantitative Data Analyst
Job Details


Data Analytics

  • Access, clean, and organize data, to facilitate the team’s ongoing research.
  • Ensure that data analysis can be widely used among the team by keeping code in good order and by building appropriate user interfaces to allow for deployment among non-technical team-members.
  • Work directly with Director of Quant Research to ingest and evaluate new datasets for alpha generation and other quantitative models.
  • Build industry-leading data models, APIs and standards for storing and accessing data to support ongoing quantitative research and live trading.

Quantitative/Strategy Development

  • Develop and continuously improve upon mathematical models, and convert algorithms into code
  • Extract predictive signals from financial data through both traditional statistical analysis methods and cutting-edge machine learning techniques.
  • Research quantitative questions of importance to portfolio managers. This research will include risk management, trading strategies, and assessing market and economic conditions.
  • Communicate research results through reports and presentations, supported by tables and visual aids.
  • Collaborate on team research projects, as well as work independently on individual research assignments.


  • Strong knowledge of financial mathematics and statistics.
  • Experience with database architecture, data extraction, design and management.
  • Experience using statistical models for data analysis, including probability, regression, and time-series models for investments or financial service application
  • Experience, or aptitude to learn machine learning techniques including clustering and regularized regression.
  • Prior experience in a quantitative role within a trading asset management environment.
  • Undergraduate and/or Master’s degree, (or equivalent experience) in a technical discipline such as engineering, statistics, mathematics, or computer science.

Technical Skills

  • Strong programming experience in Python and SQL (3+ years preferred)
  • Working knowledge of Linux OS
  • Demonstrate thorough understanding of system design, ETL and data ingestion techniques.
  • Experience with processing and cleaning data, including the use of API’s.  Knowledge of Bloomberg API, S&P capital IQ and/or Alpha Factor Library preferred.




Job Details

Learn about the investment management industry, capital markets and the various aspects of managing and developing quantitative strategies. Interns will be asked to assist with both research and administrative projects.

The ideal candidate will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Finance, Economics, Business, Marketing/Investor Relations, Accounting or Human Resources, and someone with a strong interest in the financial services industry. Organized and reliable; good computer skills; strong academics; online research skills; familiarity with basic excel calculation/functions; strong written and oral communication skills.